My husband travels a lot for business, which leaves just me and our two dogs at home. I know how to take care of myself so it doesn’t bother me to stay home on my own more often than not through the week. The only time it does bother me is when something major happens unexpectedly, which has only happened once in the six years we have been here. Even before my husband started traveling, he had looked for an emergency plumbing company in New Jersey as well as a handyman service for anything else that might pop up when he is gone.

He had talked to the plumbing company that he chose to make sure they met his criteria should anything happen. I was very thankful for that because I knew just what to do when there was a clog in the shower that I could not fix on my own. Even though my husband was going to be home in two days, I did not want to go that long without taking a shower since it is the only one in our house. I called and told him the water was backing up, and he talked me through a few things to try. None of them worked.

He called the plumbing company from his hotel and explained the situation, and they were able to send someone out that same day. Within hours, the plumber had been to our home and fixed the clog. I was concerned that it was going to be something major that would require waiting for my husband to come home, but it was a simple clog that was just very deep. He had the right tools to take care of it, and it has been working fine ever since. It is good to know there are still reputable companies that really come through when it is needed!