MonthSeptember 2015

Why We Got an ADT Home Security System

I was excited about moving to Dallas last year. I have lived up north most of my life and I do miss aspects of it, but not enough to ever want to move back. I was able to find a really nice home in a great section of town, and my husband got settled into his new job easily enough. The kids love the school they attend, and life was just really good for us. Even when the neighbor’s house was broken into, we just simply called a company that provides ADT home security in Dallas.

We knew that it was an isolated incident because our neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend knew that they would be away on vacation. Even though we were watching the house, he was able to sneak in during the wee hours of the night and take thousands of dollars worth of their things. Continue reading

Fraud R&AW/CBI employees invest in land

Land records are not closely monitored like other financial assets so most fraud R&AW/CBI employees invest their money in land. The additional benefit they get is that the fraud ntro officials will also falsely claim that these women own domain names, paypal account of a single woman obc engineer, domain investor, without spending any money at all, to get these frauds R&AW/CBI jobs, great powers

Lawyer needed to end human rights abuses, financial fraud

A lawyer is needed to end the daily hitech human rights abuses and financial fraud on a harmless single woman engineer by powerful fraud officials, allegedly bribed by large corporates. These corporates want to destroy the life of the engineer wasting tax payer money for their corporate goals like talent acquisition, destroying competition. More details at The law counsel

Help others eliminate credit card debt

Are you facing financial problems and credit card debt due to factors beyond your control. Share these problems sending an email to and help others eliminate unsecured credit card debt.