MonthApril 2015

Land sale fraud in India

The media in india has not covered a major land sale fraud which appears to be widely prevalent. Investors making a down payment for purchasing land and will be expected to pay the remaining amount using post dated cheques. The buyer will make the payment as instructed. However the buyer will find that the cheques issued are not encashed by the land seller. Then the land seller will say that they have not received the payment, the buyer is a defaulter..
When the buyer will say that they have issued post dated cheques, the seller will say that they have not received the payment and the buyer should have checked with the seller.
The seller usually has a team of lawyers at their disposal, so small buyers cannot afford to take up the case in the court of law. It appears that only buyers who are not well connected are targetted for the land sale fraud.
Hence unless the buyer can follow up with the seller without wasting time, they should not invest in land

Rental flat needed in Panaji, Goa

Small family needs a flat on rent in St Inez, Panaji, Goa in a well designed housing complex. 2BHK flat in a housing complex with proper amenities and security preferred. Please send details to , and . Home/office/shop owners interested in renting out their homes anywhere in India can also send their offers to the above email ids

Lawyer for land purchase problem

Legal help needed for land purchase problem
Real estate investor had made an initial payment to a company selling plots
The investor was also told to give post dated cheques to the company and they would inform when the remaining payment would be given,
However, some post dated cheques were not encashed, and others were encashed together.
Now the seller said that they have not received the payment through post dated cheque.
Despite sending proof of payment , bank statememt, through registered post, the seller refused to admit that they have received it,
Postal department has sent an acknowledgement that they have received it
Need a lawyer to find out why the seller does not want to track the payment received, when the payment was clearly indicated in the bank statement
Please send the information to and

Risk of investing in real estate in India

Though real estate can be an excellent investment, due to the lack of honesty in the real estate sector, many investors avoid the investmemt. Many builders and land sellers are extremely unethical, giving the entire sector a poor name, Even if the top management was honest, if they are even a little careless or trusting while recruiting their staff, or the systems are not fool proof, young people will not think twice about exploiting for short term benefits,

For any business to survive they should keep excellent records of paymemnt and track them properly, Unlike even a decade ago, young people are extremely dishonest and will cheat at the first opportunity, if they think they will get away with their cheating. Unfortunately some of the largest companies, in India allegedly google, and tata, seem to be protecting and rewarding mediocre greedy lazy cheaters with important governmemt jobs, stealing the resume of honest engineers for these well connected frauds .

A decade ago, very few young people would even think of cheating, today finding an honest young person seems to have become a major challenge. They will take the payment from the customer for the real estate purchase and then refuse to acknowledge the payment, Hence a person should purchase land and other real estate from governmmet agencies to the extent possible

Vishwamber lawn project , Thane

Wish to contact customers who have made part payment or deposit for the Vishwamber lawn project near Shahpur, Thane of VMC Developers. Need information whether they have got an acknowledgement, 7/12, registration
Please send the information to and